Government action to unlock our plan

Our Plan can only be delivered in partnership with central government. Together, we want to work with government to ensure it:

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Takes a strategic approach to investing in local delivery partnerships

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Provides long-term certainty on rent and grant subsidy

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Links Local Plan making to regional economic targets


About Homes for the North

We are social landlords. Our priority is to provide people with safe, warm, good quality homes that they love living in. But we also want to continue contributing to the supply of new affordable homes that drive economic growth, create opportunities and improve places.

Our Plan is a once-in-a-generation promise to renew Northern communities most in need of investment, leadership and innovation. It will see housing associations play an active role in delivery partnerships that help the North make the most of devolution and deliver results for everyone.

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Our approach to place making

Our Plan is built around a model of renewal, a whole-place approach that has five key ingredients:

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Campaign Aim 1

Working with partners to deliver large and complex schemes on longer time horizons.

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Campaign Aim 2

Using our expertise to spend public subsidy well and leverage private capital.

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Campaign Aim 3

Unlocking the value of previously developed land and deploying it for public benefit.

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Campaign Aim 4

Joining up good homes and infrastructure alongside other public goods


Campaign Aim 5

Greening places, including reducing embodied carbon and energy use


About more and better homes

Homes for the North is an alliance of 17 of the largest developing housing associations in the North of England. We work with a range of organisations to make evidence-based policy recommendations to deliver more and better homes in the North.

Collectively, we add approximately £2.5bn per year to the Northern economy, provide affordable homes for 1 million people and employ 17,500 people across the region. Our members delivered 10,963 new homes from 2017-2020 and have an appetite to do more. Nine of our members are Homes England Strategic Partners with plans to deliver over 29,000 new homes under the current Affordable Homes Programme (2021-2026) and more besides.

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