Our research shows that there is widespread support across the North for building More and Better Homes, and that if implemented, our Plan would deliver clear economic benefits for the region. We commissioned polling across key Northern constituencies to understand local priorities and attitudes towards housing issues. We want to use the outcomes of the polling results to open conversations with the national political parties to inform their thinking on housing policy ahead of the next election.

We also sought to demonstrate the economic and social impacts of our Plan. Our research quantifies how the delivery of our Plan would contribute to economic growth, the reduction of regional inequalities and support the aspirations of Homes England, documented in their recently published Strategic Plan.

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Homes for the North commissioned polling of more than 2,000 people living across 15 marginal constituencies across the North to understand local priorities and what people think about the housing crisis.

The results of the polling make clear that there is broad consensus that More and Better Homes are needed across the North – and that housing policy will be a key driver of how people vote at the next general election.

Our polling found that:


A majority of those polled (68%) said there was too little affordable housing in the North of England.


There is strong support for developing new homes in the North of England (68%) – and people support development in their own areas.


2 in 3 people believe the UK Government has done too little regarding high-quality, affordable housing (67%).


A clear majority of people (64%) said a party's priority on delivering housing would be important to how they choose to vote at the next general election.


Housing ranks as the fifth most salient electoral issue.


Economic Research

Homes for the North commissioned research to demonstrate the economic and social impact of The Plan for More and Better Homes. The evidence shows that the North is home to a wealth of untapped economic potential, and that the right policy support can rejuvenate the housing stock, create employment opportunities and deliver prosperity across the region.

Our research shows that the Plan for More and Better Homes will see:


GDP to the Northern economy


new homes in most deprived areas


new jobs


people homed


hectares of brownfield land developed

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